Booking The green Home
with fan rooms

Thank you for choosing to stay with The Green Home. Kindly note we provide a complete service to make your stay comfortable and memorial. The extra services include laundry, meals, pickup & send off, bicycle rental, Khmer food cooking class and oxcart ride. These activities will provide an opportunity to immerse yourself in a typical village life. By staying with us, YOU are helping to generate income for the rural folks. We are grateful!

  • Two (2) days prior notice is needed to make arrangements
  • Extra services include laundry, meals, cooking class, pick up & send off, bicycle rental and oxcart ride
  • “Meal with owner” means whatever food the owner cooks for family on the day
  • Inform us of arrival time
  • Any other requirements, kindly add into the comments section
  1. Click on “afternoon” date of arrival and morning date of departure
  2. Choose “Extras” services
  3. Fill up personal details
  4. Click “Book now”
  5. Copy of your Order is sent to your email
  6. Confirmation will be done via second email
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