Booking Quad bike

Unforgettable off road experiences amongst paddyfields and traditional villages. 

The base tour is for a 16km Sunset on the Paddyfields which will take approximately 1 hour. You can have 2 person on a bike with additional cost and a maximum combined weight of 130kg. There are four other tour options at various time of the day to select from under “Extras”. Pick up time is 30 minutes before departure.


  • need bring solid shoes, long pant and most important an adventurous spirit
  •  This is our partner product and we sell at the official price. We do earn a commission for promoting and this will go towards our charity works
  1. Click on date
  2. Select start time
  3. Fill up personal details
  4. Click “Book now”
  5. Copy of your Order is sent to your email
  6. Confirmation will be done via second email
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