Booking oxcart rides

Still the preferred mode of transport in rural Cambodia, this unique oxcart ride is located about 8km from Siem Reap town. The ride will last for about half hour and it will bring you through the scenic village; paddyfields, vegetable patches, birds, buffalos, dusty roads and current lifestyle!

While you are here, you may consider to have lunch or dinner at nearby homestays in the midst of the paddyfields. This is the best way to get authentic Khmer food and feel the vibrancy of the local community.


  1. Duration is around 2 hours from pickup to drop off. Vary depend on “Extras” activities you select.
  2. Children above 12 years old is considered an adult.
  3. For children below 12 years old (you let us know how many in the comments/special requests column)
    • on the oxcart, can sit with adult
    • for food, can enjoy 50% off
  • One (1) day prior notice is needed to make arrangements
  • One oxcart can sit two adults. Add guests under Extras Additional Riders for 3rd adult onwards
  • Extra services include lunch, dinner, cooking class, pick up and guiding
  • Tuktuk is transport serviceĀ  used. It can sit maximum 4 adults
  • Guiding is ratio of 1 guide to 10 guests. For bigger groups do inform earlier
  • Any other requirements, kindly add into the comments section
  1. Click on date
  2. Select start time
  3. Choose “Extras” services
  4. Fill up personal details
  5. Click “Book now”
  6. Copy of your Order is sent to your email
  7. Confirmation will be done via second email
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